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Nicole Milner and Karl Linn were married for many years. She too is a well-known citizen activist of Berkeley, California. She wrote the section "Afterword" in Karl's book In An accomplished pianist and composer, she plays at local events, solo and with other musicians, and has several solo CDs. Her music accompanies the video Verona Fonté prepared for Karl's memorial. Nicole wrote and produced music that accompanies two other shorts produced by Verona Fonté: A Quest for Justice and Miracles of Each Moment. She has worked closely with Berkeley's KPFA, the flagship of the Pacifica Radio stations, in their effort to maintain their independence and continue to function as a commons of the airwaves. Nicole is the executor of the Karl Linn Literary Trust and the producer of this website.


Rick Bacigalupi, a filmmaker, produced and directed the one-hour documentary film "A Lot in Common" about the creation of the Peralta Community Garden and its commons. The film includes commentary by Karl Linn and observations by Jane Jacobs, Paul Hawken, Ray Suarez, Carl Anthony, and British historian David Crouch.


Edward Caldwellwell-known in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond for his "location photography," photographed the Peralta Community Art Garden Commons for Landscape Architecture magazine and contributed several photographs for this site. Some of his images are in Karl's book Building Commons and Community.


Verona Fonté, filmmaker, producer, and president of Iris Arts & Educational Group produced the digital media biography of Karl Linn and the memorial video, which are hosted on this site.  Iris Arts also produced this website.


Karl Linn and Nicole Milner have both passed.  This site is being managed by Verona Fonté through Iris Arts & Educational Group.  If you have any question contact Verona at Iris Arts.

"Building Commons and Community"

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