Karl Linn's Journey: A Digital Media Biography  
by Verona Fonte 2005

During his last year Linn worked on a digital media project that includes his life story, his contributions, and his personal values in the hopes of making his work accessible to as many people as possible. The story of Karl's life was the pilot project  in "The Archetype of Altruism," conceived of and produced by Verona Fonté at Iris Arts & Education Group, exploring the underlying patterns in people's lives that draw them toward a life that benefits humanity. As Karl became aware that his time was shortening, the project expanded. Video and audio clips are posted on this site to help viewers understand Karl's history and the influences that impacted his vision as well as the work itself.

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Carl Anthony remembers Karl Linn;  (YouTube)

Short films shown at Karl Linn's Memorial Service in Berkeley:
Karl Linn Memorial ~ 1923 -2005
by Verona Fonte 2005

 A Lot In Common
by Rick Bacigalupi, 2003

This hour-long documentary, distributed by Bullfrog Films, has been shown on PBS stations across the United States.

"[a group of] extraordinary neighbors spend five years constructing the Peralta Community Peace Garden in Berkeley, California, as they build friendships and overcome their differences. Meet artists and a psychic, a rabbit on the loose, and Karl Linn, whose vision is of reclaiming common land and bringing a sense of community back into our neighborhoods."

"Building Commons and Community"

New Village Press