Digital Media Biography of Karl Linn

Statement regarding production:

I choose to work with Karl's life story for a project exploring the altruist archetype, because his life was exempliary of someone who consistly focused on creating a more humane society. We were working diligently on compressing the narratives of his story for this project when he became ill. At that time it became more important for Karl to transmit the essence of his life's work and wisdom so he could share it with others. This section contains the most relevant "shorts" of our hours of filming. From time to time this section may be expanded. I consider myself fortunate to have spent the time with Karl to do this work.


This biography has been organized into the six major areas that Karl felt were the most significant in the formation of who he was and what he was able to contribute to society given who he was. So through a series of short narratives we are able to look at both his formative years and how that impacted his work in his lifetime.


These areas are:

  1. His childhood in Germany
  2. His life in Palestine after his family immigrated there
  3. His journey to New York to visit Wilhelm Reich,  and how he managed to stay there and become a landscape architect.
  4. His creation of a national organization that focused on creating neighborhood common that brings him to Berkeley is his 70's to realize his dream.
  5. The influence of the mentors he had during his life.
  6. And finally some wisdom that Karl shared with me during these interviews.

Each section has links to several short digital media narratives that relate to the different areas of Karl's life.  


I hope you enjoy them


Verona Fonte

"Building Commons and Community"

New Village Press