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"Building Commons and Community" from New Village Press

Many years in the making, Building Commons and Community by Karl Linn documents the collaborative environmental design and community building work he initiated and inspired - the creation of a variety of commons, permanent and temporary, indoor and out, starting in the early 1960s. When he died in 2005, the structure and most of the images for a book about his commons-building work were in place, but a lot of editing and integrating of text and layout was still needed. Editor and graphic designer Diana Young, who had worked with Karl for many years on this and other projects, took on the task of completing the book, drawing on archival materials and on observations and images generously provided by some of Karl's collaborators. The final layout and publication was done by Lynne Elizabeth of New Village Press, and the book was printed in 2007.

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Download Karl's ten-page final chapter, "The Foundations of Commons Building" or a two-page synopsis of the chapter, useful for sharing with team members in a participatory planning process. 

The Foundations of Commons Building
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Synopsis: The Foundations of Building Commons
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"Reclaiming the Sacred Commons": In this article, published in the inaugural issue of New Village Journal in 1999, Karl gives a brief history of the enclosure of the commons and describes the sacred relationship between humans and nature. He discusses the growing need to reclaim land and resources for communal use in today's world and practical strategies for doing so.


Places for Peace: In 1988 Karl worked with Carl Anthony to recruit designers and builders to present papers at the World Congress of International Federation of Landscape Architects in Boston and published their papers in this soft-cover book, which is available intermittently through second-hand booksellers.


Emerging Landscapes of Peace: In 1986 Karl organized three workshops for the annual meeting of the American Society of Landscape Architects in San Francisco on how environmental designers can contribute to peacemaking. The workshops were taped, transcribed, and edited into a small glossy paperback booklet published by Architects / Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR).

"Building Commons and Community"

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